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 Cable Ladders & Accessories  نردبان کابل و متعلقات
توضیحات محصول
Class. acc. to DIN VDE 0639, TEC61537
Hot Dip Galvanaized acc. to ASTM A123
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum  
Wall Hight: 40-200 mm  
Width: 50-100 mm  
Thickness: 1-2.5 mm  
Length: 3000 mm  

 عکس شماتیک محصول:

معرفی متعلقات نردبان کابل
 1- Cable Ladder Straight Element  
 2- Cable Ladder 45º Horizontal Elbow  
 3- Cable Ladder 90º Horizontal Elbow  
 4- Cable Ladder 45º Vertical Inside Riser  
 5- Cable Ladder 45º Vertical Outside Riser  
 6- Cable Ladder Horizontal Cross  
 7- Cable Ladder Horizontal Tee  
 8- Vertical Outside Riser  
 9- Vertical Inside Riser  
 10- Cable Ladder Asymmetrical Reducer  
 11- Cable Ladder Symmetrical reducer  
 12- Drop out  
 13- Straight Joint  
 14- Separators